Together, let's build the security of tomorrow

An association under the 1901 law, the European Institute for Safety and Security Studies for Businesses, IEESSE, has a European dimension.

Around key experts in French and European private and public safety and security, IEESSE aims to bring together all the players involved in the sector: directors, managers, heads of safety and/or security services of private or public to build solutions that meet the expectations of organizations.


Offering experts, professions or sectors of activity, spaces for consultation to open up the field of possibilities, through studies, reflections and proposals, and to bring a new approach.

The members of IEESSE wish to put their personal or professional experiences at the service of all, by carrying out the reflections, studies and analyzes necessary to propose technological and intellectual innovations, innovative organizational proposals, reflections on amendments to any text in force.

IEESSE we do!!!

Answer the questions of the present,
Keep in mind the answers of the past,
Build the solutions of the future…

IEESSE, a Do Tank

  • Representative of a sector of activity awaiting profound changes

  • Vector of reflection on all safety-security issues by opening the field of possibilities, through studies, reflections and proposals, and thus providing a new approach.

  • Co-builder of tomorrow’s solutions

  • Incubator of technological and intellectual innovations, and innovative organizational proposals

IEESSE, a collaborative workspace

The members are divided by area of expertise (sector of activity or professional themes), participate in the different working groups according to their choices under the coordination of a leader. Once the work is completed, a proofreading committee validates and launches the publication of “white papers”.

Expertise organization chart

All IEESSE members are divided by pole of professional expertise or sector of activity, around experts in charge of animation, to reflect, develop, propose, innovate on themes chosen jointly.

Thematic experts

  • Fire safety
  • Crisis management
  • Intelligence & radicalization
  • Legal
  • Professional risks
  • Video surveillance
  • Cybersecurity & GDPR
  • Com. crisis
  • Close protection
  • Security officer
  • Sensitive sites & major events
  • IE.
  • A.I.
  • CSR
  • Ethics

Business experts

  • Health
  • SS2I
  • Industry
  • Media
  • Luxury
  • Bank
  • Culture
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
  • Airport
  • Rail
  • Tertiary
  • Events
  • Logistics
  • State Services
  • Construction

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