European Institute
for Safety and Security Studies
for Businesses

A word from the president

For several years, all those responsible for the safety and security of public or private companies have seen the risks they face continually evolving. The solutions proposed do not always meet expectations. The state manages sovereign safety and security and regulates by force of texts. Private security made up of suppliers and service providers offers technical or human solutions.

Born from the desire to create a professional space for reflection, development and transmission, ieesse wishes to be able to bring together all women and men, directors, managers, department heads, project managers, security officers, in charge of safety and security of public or private companies. Created under an associative structure, ieesse wishes to bring to the profession this place of study between professionals, to become a force for proposals.

All ieesse members are divided by pole of professional expertise or sector of activity, around experts in charge of animation, to reflect, develop, propose, innovate on themes chosen together. Ieesse wishes to offer all those who wish to contribute to the construction of relevant solutions for the protection of businesses a place for dialogue and work, exchanges and consultations, representativeness and proposals.

Ieesse to think about the future together!
Ieesse to develop tomorrow’s solutions together!
Ieesse to transmit lasting safety and security together!

“The brilliance of collective intelligence and the power of experimentation”

Together, let's build the security of tomorrow

An association under the 1901 law, the European Institute for Safety and Security Studies for Businesses, IEESSE, has a European dimension.

Around key experts in French and European private and public safety and security, IEESSE aims to bring together all the players involved in the sector: directors, managers, heads of safety and/or security services of private or public to build solutions that meet the expectations of organizations.

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