Professional glossary


Surveillance Agent (Security Mission) – Holder of a Professional Qualification Certificate and a Professional Card issued by the National Commission for Private Security Activities (CNAPS). Employee of an Internal Security Service or a Private Security Provider company.


Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard)


Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Access Control

Set of physical and/or electronic equipment to ensure that access to a location or to a system is authorized.

Access Control Reader

Electronic system allowing the electronic elements contained on or in a badge to be read by scrolling, on contact, near or remotely. The reader allows identification of the badge holder.

Access gate

Access space closed on both sides by openings, which cannot be opened at the same time. The openings are generally controlled. One opening cannot open if the other is not closed. This system was able to rationalize and control, identify and even authenticate access individually. The access gate can be made of a different material.

Access management

Set of means (physical, technical, electronic, human and organizational) making it possible to manage (authorize/prohibit), trace, plan access authorizations to defined places.

Activation energy

This is the quantity of energy necessary to generate a fire in the presence of oxidizer and fuel. It is most often a heat source or even a flame or spark.


French Standardization Association is the official body responsible for establishing and verifying the conformity of products to NF standards.

Anti-burglary window

Window complies with the CLASS 4 ANTI-BURGER SECURITY standard (UNI ENV 1627/30:2000 standard)


Access control functionality that prevents a person from entering the same area twice, without first leaving it.


Plenary Assembly of Property and Casualty Insurance Companies: Mark issued by the CNPP attesting in France to the quality of a fire security system, intrusion, video or remote monitoring services, whether devices or services.


Malicious fire


An assault is a brutal, sudden and unprovoked attack. Aggression can be physical, but also verbal. Acts of physical violence which constitute offenses punishable by law (contravention, misdemeanor or crime). Criminal sanctions depend on the severity of the injuries inflicted on the victim. Verbal aggression can be criminalized. This is the case of an insult or a threat.


Authentication allows you to confirm proof of your identity. For example, biometrics allows authentication.


Broken Glass Box: it is a manual emergency exit trigger


Autonomous Emergency Lighting Unit


Twisted wires that can be used to demarcate property. Their use must be dissuasive.


Principle of installing bars. The spacing between the bars must be 11cm maximum. The bars must be properly sealed in the upper and lower parts of the wall.


The flaps are elements inclined at 45°, installed on the fence posts. They are single or double branched. They are intended to prevent climbing the fence. They are usually associated with barbed wire or concertina. Be careful to ensure that the plumb of the sill outside the property is always within the legal limit of the property.


Biometrics brings together “all computer techniques aimed at automatically recognizing an individual based on their physical, biological and even behavioral characteristics”.


Blackmail is the act of obtaining, by threatening to reveal or impute facts likely to harm one’s honor or reputation, either a signature, a commitment or a waiver, or the revelation of a secret. , i.e. the delivery of funds, values or any property.


Mobile part of a lock which engages with a striker to keep an opening closed.

Breach of professional secrecy

According to article 226-13 of the Penal Code, it is the revelation of information of a secret nature by a person who is the custodian of it either by status or by profession, or by reason of a function or a temporary mission. She is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros.

Breach of trust

Breach of trust is defined in article 314-1 of the Penal Code as “the act of a person misappropriating to the detriment of others funds, values or any property which has been given to them and which they agreed to return them, represent them or make a specific use of them.”

Breaking in

According to article 132-73 of the Penal Code, break-in consists of forcing, damaging or destroying any closing device or any type of fence. The use of false keys, keys improperly obtained or any instrument that can be fraudulently used to activate a locking device without forcing it or damaging it is considered burglary.


Fire damper (Self-controlled or remote-controlled)


Fire Safety Centralizer


National Council for Private Security Activities:


National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties:


National Center for Prevention and Protection:


Professional Qualification Certificate: Basic training necessary for the exercise of the profession of Security Agent in particular

Cashier Agent

This is the name of the function assigned to a surveillance agent, placed behind the checkout line, in the distribution sector. The agent’s mission will be to check the correlation between a receipt and the purchase made. In case of doubt, the agent may be required to apply the instructions provided for this purpose by his employer.


Refers to all parts of a building allowing the evacuation of its occupants (corridor, ramp, staircase, door, exit, etc.)


Material which, in the presence of an oxidant (oxygen) and energy (heat source or flame) generates combustion. Fuels come in 3 main categories: solid, liquid or gaseous.

Combustion gas

These gases produced by combustion can be: asphyxiating, corrosive and flammable or toxic. These are carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide (CO2), gaseous hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and others depending on the combustion materials.


According to article 121-7 of the Penal Code, the person who knowingly, through aid or assistance, facilitates its preparation or consumption is an accomplice to a crime or misdemeanor. An accomplice is also the person who, by gift, promise, threat, order, abuse of authority or power, provokes an offense or gives instructions to commit it.


Name given to spiral barbed wire 60 to 90cm in diameter. Generally placed on the sills to prevent crossing a fence.

Confidentiality clause

The confidentiality clause, also called the secrecy, discretion or non-disclosure clause (the Anglo-Saxon acronym NDA for Non Disclosure Agreement is also used), aims to impose silence on the partner regarding the information which is given to him. communicated, such as technical, commercial, financial information, or even silence on the existence of negotiations or a contractual relationship. It places on its debtor an obligation not to do so.


Term used in Remote Surveillance in particular, and according to a defined procedure, to verify information or a call received.


Counterfeiting is the reproduction or imitation of an object, a document (in particular official), a work or a commodity, either by indicating or allowing the presumption that the thing is authentic, or in violation of an intellectual property right or copyright.


The crime designates the most serious offenses in French criminal law. The person accused of a crime is tried in a criminal court before a jury. She faces a prison sentence (minimum of 15 years and maximum life) as well as possible fines (minimum 3,750 euros for a natural person and 75,000 euros for a legal entity) or additional penalties (bans, confiscations, etc.). There is a limitation period of 10 years.


Control Adapter Device


Autonomous Detector Trigger


Powered Safety Device


DATI: Alarm Device for Lone Worker or PTI Protection for Lone Worker… These are all the means to secure a person working alone.


Manual Control Device


Grouped Manual Controls Device


Control Device with Signaling


Device Controlled Terminal


Manual starter


Directorate of Intelligence and Security and Defense


Sound Diffuser


Single Professional Risk Assessment Document


Autonomous Smoke Alarm Detector. There are 3 types of detector: photoelectric, thermal and ionic.


see Dome Camera

Door shielding

Doors comply with European standard EN 1627.


A Secure Waiting Space is an area protected from smoke, flames and thermal radiation. A person, whatever their disability, must be able to get there and, if they cannot continue their journey, wait for evacuation using external help (article C034, paragraph 6 of the fire safety regulations)


Establishments open to the public (ERP) are buildings in which outside people are admitted. It doesn’t matter whether access is paid or free, free, restricted or by invitation. A company not open to the public, but only to staff, is not an ERP. ERPs are classified into categories which define the applicable regulatory requirements (type of work authorization or safety rules for example) according to the risks.


Personal Protective Equipment: All equipment made available to an individual in order to protect them in the exercise of their mission.

Economic security

Set of methods, techniques and legal processes allowing the company to work and prosper in a competitive world through Information Monitoring, Protection of information assets, Influence and lobbying.

Emergency stairs

Staircase made of non-flammable materials, required by regulations to allow the evacuation of occupants of a building

EN 14604

The European Standard EN 14604 certifies the good compliance of your DAAF with European standards.

Environmental Safety

Consists of three elements:
1) sustainable exploitation of renewable and non-renewable resources;
2) the protection of the elements – air, water, soil – in order to prevent pollution from hindering natural regeneration;
3) the maximum reduction of dangers linked to industrial activities.


Classification of a product based on its reaction to fire.

Evacuation guide

Volunteer, trained staff, whose role during an evacuation of their building is to guide and encourage people to evacuate using the emergency exits.

Evacuation plan

An evacuation plan is a plan that must be displayed in any premises to facilitate the evacuation of people present in the building in the event of a fire. (NFX08-070 standard)


proof is an element or document which establishes the reality of a fact or legal act. … All methods of proof (written, oral testimony, confession, scientific examination, etc.) are admitted before the judge. However, all must be researched and produced in compliance with the rules of law.


Tool for fighting a fire. It can be of several types depending on the nature of the fire: CO², water + additive, or even powder.

Extinguishing agent

The extinguishing agent acts on one of the three elements of the fire triangle. Water, CO2 and powders are extinguishing agents. Additives increase the extinguishing power of the agent


Safety data


In terms of security, a fence or physical peripheral protection has the essential role of preventing crossing in one direction or another. This protection can be of different nature: reinforced mesh, palisade. It demarcates the property.


A fire is a combustion of a body producing flames, light and heat.

Fire class: A

Class A for solid fires with normal combustion and embers.

Fire class: B

Class B for fires involving liquids or liquefiable solids.

Fire class: C

Class C for gas fires.

Fire class: D

Class D for metal fires.

Fire class: F

Class F for cooking fires (vegetable and animal oils and fats).

Fire Safety

The fire safety of a building or part of a building is based on 4 main functions: evacuation, smoke extraction, compartmentalization and technical installation shutdowns

Fire safety

A fire safety system is equipment that makes the establishment safe as soon as a sign of fire appears.

Fireproof Cabinet

A fireproof cabinet is a cabinet whose walls are made of materials resistant to temperature rise, to protect the objects or documents contained against the risk of fire.


This qualifies as anything that is potentially flammable or combustible. This can be solids, gases, liquids…


Fraudstery is the term chosen by the legislator to designate thieving (article 313-5 of the penal code). This penal provision punishes in particular the person who is truly unable to pay or who has decided not to honor his debt.


It is an act which was carried out using unfair means intended to surprise consent, to obtain an undue material or moral advantage or carried out with the intention of evading the execution of the Laws.

Glass break detector

Sensor to detect broken glass. Several different technologies exist.


Metal equipment used to enclose a space. A fence is made of more or less large metal wire, more or less small mesh, welded or not welded mesh.


A handbook is a declaration made by an individual and recorded in a police or gendarmerie register, and which aims to date certain events of a certain seriousness but which do not necessarily constitute an offense in themselves, i.e. i.e. a contravention, a misdemeanor or a crime.

Hit and run

According to article 434-10 of the Penal Code, hit and run is the act, for any driver of a vehicle or land, river or maritime vehicle, knowing that he has just caused or occasioned an accident, not to stop and thus attempt to escape the criminal or civil liability that he may have incurred. This offense is punishable by three years of imprisonment and a fine of €75,000. According to article 434-45 of the Penal Code, natural persons guilty of the offense provided for in article 434-10 also incur the suspension, for a period of five years at most, of their driving license, this suspension not being possible. not be limited to conduct outside of professional activity.


Device allowing the identification of a person or an object.

In the act

Flagrant crime is a legal term used to designate a situation in which an individual is caught committing a misdemeanor or crime – Article 53 of the Criminal Procedure Code


Incivility refers to disorder and misconduct which, without being expressly covered by the penal code, constitutes breaches of the basic rules of life in society: noise pollution, damage, lack of respect.

Information monitoring

Methods for collecting, analyzing and synthesizing relevant and useful information for the company

Infra Red Barrier

Detection barrier used either for exterior peripheral protection or for perimeter protection at the edge of a building. An Infra-Red transmitter (called active) emits an infrared ray to a receiver.

Internal Security Code

The Internal Security Code or CSI is, in French law, a legal code created in 2012 to bring together all legislative and regulatory provisions relating to internal security.


Action of entering an unauthorized place

Invasion of privacy

According to article 226-1 of the Penal Code, this violation is the act, by means of any process whatsoever, of infringing on the privacy of another by capturing, recording or transmitting, without consent. of their author, words spoken in a private or confidential capacity or by fixing, recording or transmitting, without the consent of the person, the image of a person found in a private place. She is punished with one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Ion Detector

Device using fire detection technology based on the use of radioactive material. This technology is banned in France (ref text)


Police custody is a measure of constraint decided by a judicial police officer, under the control of the judicial authority, by which a person against whom there is one or more plausible reasons to suspect that he has committed or attempted to commit a crime or misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment is kept at the disposal of investigators.

Jamming device

Electronic device which allows, by emission or reflection of electromagnetic signals, to disrupt detection or radiocommunication devices.

Judiciary process

designates the set of rules provided for by law or regulation that courts and public persons must respect for the smooth running of a trial and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.


Head of Post / Site

Line holder

Volunteer, trained staff, whose role during an evacuation of their building is to check that no one is left behind.


Risk of human origin, arising from voluntary acts with the intention of harming a natural or legal person, an organization or property.


A misdemeanor is a degree of qualification of criminal offenses which is defined by the seriousness of the penalty provided for them and which are, with some exceptions, judged by a criminal court. The misdemeanor is an offense of intermediate seriousness between a contravention and a crime. The maximum length of imprisonment is 10 years and the fine can go up to 3,750 euros for a natural person and 18,750 euros for a legal entity.


An offence is a behavior strictly prohibited by criminal law and punishable by a penalty provided for therein. There are three categories of offenses whose nature determines the sanction applicable to them: the contravention, the misdemeanor and the crime.

Officer Rondier

Human Surveillance Agent whose missions are to carry out rounds.

Opacifying fog generator

Device associated with an alarm system which allows the projection of dense smoke making intrusion into a closed premises or building almost impossible.

Opening Detector

Sensor used to detect the opening of an opening


It is a chemical substance that allows combustion. These are Dioxygen (O2) present in ambient air, Ozone O3, Halogens, Nitrates, etc.


Fire door


Special Security Plan


Prevention of Risks Related to Physical Activity


Lone Worker Protection: This involves all the means to secure a person working alone. PTI: Protection of the Lone Worker or (DATI) Alarm Device for Lone Worker

Passage Unit

“Each clearance must have a minimum passage width proportionate to the total number of people expected to use it. This width must be calculated based on a typical width called the passage unit of 0.60 meters. However, when a clearance has only one or two passage units, the width is respectively increased from 0.60 meters to 0.90 meters and from 1.20 meters to 1.40 meters. (Fire safety regulations – Article CO 36)”

Patrol control

Means of controlling the execution of a round, and its successful completion.

Perimeter detection

System combining different types of detectors to detect an intrusion in a defined location.


Exterior limit and outline of a building, an enclosed space.

Peripheral detection

System combining different types of detectors to detect an intrusion in the periphery of a defined location.


Exterior limit and outline of a property, a place.


Anti-theft Tag detection antenna Anti-theft

Private Security

Private Security brings together Suppliers and Service Providers of technological solutions or Human Surveillance


Radio identification, most often referred to by the acronym RFID (from the English radio frequency identification), is a method for memorizing and retrieving data remotely using markers called “radio-tags” (“RFID tag” or “RFID transponder” in English).


An R.I.A. is an Armed Fire Faucet. It is first aid fire-fighting equipment which consists of a reel, a rolled hose and a fire hose. It is called “armed” since it is supplied with water, ready for use. It can be used by trained personnel. Installed in classified establishments and in industry.

Racial profiling

The crime of facial appearance refers to judging a person by their appearance. It’s not just about his facial features, that is to say his face, but about his clothes, his skin color, his accent. Generally, the expression applies to discriminatory or racist practices.

Remote Monitoring Center

Remote monitoring establishment equipped to receive alarms (see Remote monitoring). Remote monitoring establishments are equipped and protected according to standards from P1 to P5 which determine authorization levels. The higher the level, the greater the resources (technical, human, organizational).

Removal of doubt

Regulatory procedure for confirming the relevance of the alarm. The removal of doubts can be carried out remotely (audio listening, visual listening by video means, technical by alarms on successive sensors) or on site by the human presence dispatched to the site.

Rising barrier

Rigid barrier that rises (manually or motorized) from a vertical axis at one end.


The round is a route defined in an evaluated space of time, with precise passage points and pre-established checkpoints. The round is carried out by a competent person.


Defense secret


Fire Detection System


Fire Safety System


Fire Safety System


Security PA System.


Workplace First Aider, training which aims to train company employees to intervene in a workplace accident situation.


Security is the set of human, organizational and technical means brought together to deal with spontaneous or deliberate acts intended to cause harm, or harm with the aim of psychological and/or financial profit.

Safety at work

Multidisciplinary approach which aims to eliminate or reduce the risks of accidents likely to occur during the exercise of a professional activity.

Safety lighting

Its purpose is to indicate the path for evacuating a building even in the event of a power outage.

Safety pat-down

Non-intrusive security measure, to detect on a person with their consent, an object dangerous to themselves or others. It is opposed to body searches, an intrusive and coercive measure, which can only be implemented by an OPJ. Palpations are always carried out by a person of the same sex as the person being measured.


According to article 313-1 of the Penal Code, fraud is committed either by the use of a false name or a false capacity, or by the abuse of a true capacity, or by the use of fraudulent maneuvers, to deceive a natural or legal person and thus induce them, to their detriment or to the detriment of a third party, to hand over funds, values or any property, to provide a service or to consent an act operating obligation or discharge. The fraud is punishable by five years of imprisonment and a fine of 375,000 euros.


Safety is the set of human, organizational and technical resources brought together to deal with technical, physical, chemical and environmental risks that can harm people and property without having a profit motive.

Security Ink

Specific ink preventing the reproduction or falsification of a document. It also allows you to verify the authenticity of a document.

Security officer

The company security officer’s mission is to set the security rules and instructions to be implemented relating to people, information and media, protected by a specific classification (Articles R. 2311-2 and R. 2311-3 of the Defense Code define three levels of classification: Very Secret Defense, Secret Defense, Confidential Defense). He has the responsibility and responsibility for verifying the proper execution of these rules and instructions.

Security Portal

Metallic mass (object) detection gantry


Article 122-5 of the Penal Code indicates that a person is not criminally responsible who, faced with an unjustified attack against themselves or others, performs, at the same time, an act ordered by the necessity of self-defense. itself or others, unless there is disproportion between the means of defense used and the seriousness of the attack. Likewise, a person is not criminally liable who, to interrupt the execution of a crime or an offense against property, performs an act of defense, other than intentional homicide, when this act is strictly necessary. the aim pursued as long as the means employed are proportionate to the seriousness of the offense.


System enabling alerting if a voluntary or involuntary action is likely to corrupt the proper functioning of a system and/or device.

Shock Detector

Sensor to detect shocks or vibrations on walls. Several different technologies exist.

Sliding barrier

Rigid barrier that slides (manually or motorized) on a rail.


It is a mixture of gas particles and steam released from a burning body.

Smoke extraction

Smoke extraction is a fire safety function. It has three objectives: facilitate evacuation, prevent the spread of fire, facilitate emergency intervention. It can be mechanical or natural, automatic or manual.


Element integrated or attached to the frame of an opening in which the lock bolt engages. The strike can be slaved and therefore electric.

Store Inspector

This is the name of the function assigned to a surveillance agent, circulating in the sales area, in the distribution sector. The agent’s mission is to detect criminal or illicit behavior and report it by radio means. In case of doubt, the agent may be required to apply the instructions provided for this purpose by his employer.

Strong Cabinet

A strong cabinet is a reinforced cabinet, particularly in terms of the door and its lock and the closing mechanisms. Its burglary resistance varies depending on the model.

Traffic ticket

one of the categories of criminal offenses which is punishable only by a fine or additional penalties (such as the suspension of a driving license for example). In terms of the seriousness of offenses, the contravention is less serious than a misdemeanor, which itself is less serious than a crime.

Vehicle armor

The different armor standards correspond to a level of protection depending on the threat. Armor levels range from B2 (NIJ-II) to B7 which represents the highest level in the field of civilian vehicles.

Video protection

Video protection is Video surveillance applied to any public space (Public road, Establishment open to the public). Cameras must not view private areas. Systems for masking private parties must be integrated. The recording of images is limited in time. A Video Protection system meets technical decrees and standards. A complete file must be submitted to the Prefecture for validation before use or during installation modifications.


Qualified Surveillance Agent who is authorized to monitor Video Protection screens.

Vigipirate map

3-level alert system facing the terrorist threat (Vigilance / Reinforced security – Attack risk / Attack emergency).

Volumetric Detector

Sensor allowing movement to be detected in a given volume. Several different technologies exist: passive infrared, microwave, ultrasound and mixed solutions.

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