Code of ethics

Citizens employed by public institutions or private companies are, on a daily basis, confronted with Safety and Security issues, whether in their professional context or in their private lives (shops, shows, museums, schools, administrations, public transport, ...).

Their resilience factor in the face of risks increases from year to year. The need for Safety and Security is becoming preponderant and public and private companies are the key players in providing citizens with the serenity required for a fulfilling community life.

The idea is therefore to offer experts, professions or sectors of activity, spaces for consultation to open up the field of possibilities, through studies, reflections and proposals, and to bring a new approach.

The members of IEESSE wish to put their personal or professional experiences at the service of all, by carrying out the reflections, studies and analyzes necessary to propose technological and intellectual innovations, innovative organizational proposals, reflections on amendments to any text in force.

IEESSE undertakes to:

  • Be neutral and independent of any political, religious, professional or trade union organization without refraining from taking any formal, non-controversial position.
    A space for citizen engagement, IEESSE’s rule is to guarantee the free expression of the opinions of its members for the sole purpose of the profession.
    Freedom of speech and thought is total within IEESSE, with respect for the opinions of others.

  • Respect confidentiality with its members both in terms of information that concerns them and in the conduct and content of meetings as long as the topics discussed are not deemed communicable to third parties.

  • Promote contacts and meetings between members in different protected environments or modern means to facilitate the quality and fluidity of exchanges.

  • Provide members with relevant and enriching information allowing them to broaden their vision of their professional environment.

The member undertakes to:

  • Refrain from any political, religious or trade union proselytism.
  • Respect the total confidentiality of exchanges and information whose confidential nature has been mentioned. This intangible rule remains in force 2 years after his departure.
  • Practice a fair and generous mode of exchange between members and in particular towards new members and respectful towards guests and speakers. The sectors of activity associated with the harmonization of the sizes of our societies constitute the material bases of an exchange capacity with high added value.
  • Promote IEESSE by:
    1. Developing knowledge,
    2. Actively participating in meetings,
    3. Guaranteeing targeted sponsorship and support for its referrals for a year.
  • Bring expertise in its areas of expertise into the life of IEESSE
  • Respect the statutes and internal regulations

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