Board Members

Pierre Grard

Founding President
Founder in 1984 of one of the very first Safety and Security Consulting Firms, after a course in economics and management, he was approved by the CNPP in Safety (CERIC) in 1986.

Then he joined BET TROUVIN as Director of the Security Department in 1995. Then he became Head of the Safety and Security Department of the POMPIDOU Center from 1998 to 2001. After a stint from 2001 to 2004 at CHUBB Security, as Director of the Global Offer, he joined the Bouygues Construction – ETDE Group from 2004 to 2010, as Safety and Security Director. From 2011 to 2012, he was appointed general delegate of SNES (National Union of Security Companies).

Within PGC Sasu, he develops AMO missions in the field of Safety and Security with numerous missions in the public and private sectors. Lecturer at various official institutions, he teaches “Business Risk Management” and “Protection of sensitive sites” within several university courses.

He is also a founding member of the Cercle K2. Founding president of the Agora of Security Directors in 2006, he developed the network of Security Directors through the Agora Clubs (Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille).

Thierry Menuet

Vice-president projects
Thierry Menuet has acquired nearly 30 years of experience in management and management of professional risks for the benefit of the collective interest.

He began his professional career in 1988 as a designer in a design office specializing in security for the prevention and protection of sensitive sites (nuclear power plants, military bases, museums, penitentiary centers). In 1989, he joined the APAVE control office, participated in the creation of the security service and developed consulting and technical assistance services. In 2002, he created the “air transport security” service and developed training.

In 2005, he joined the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Occupational Health and Safety Manager, then in 2008, he was appointed Head of the central security service. Since 2013, he has held the position of Head of Risk Prevention and Crisis Management at the CCI of the Paris Ile-de-France region. Finally, in 2021, appointed Safety & Security Director, he implements a security management system and the deployment of the Group’s policy.

Engineer, Thierry MENUET holds CS CERIC (CNPP) approval, CEFAR, Risk Management Strategy (AMRAE). He is also a Security Officer, “Security and Safety” Executive Manager (CDSE-ESCP Europe) and ISO 22301 certified (Lead Implementer – PCA).

Philippe Gauthier

Vice-president foresight

Philippe GAUTHIER began his career in 1984 within the National Police, ending at the Ministry of the Interior in PARIS, as Principal Police Commissioner.

He then left the Civil Service in 2004 to join the AIR FRANCE Group, as Deputy Director of Security until 2011. Then he took the position of Director of Security at NESTLE France and BENELUX until 2017. He is currently Health, Safety and Security Director of DASSAULT SYSTEMES.

Definition and coordination of prevention, health, safety and security at work, crisis management in national and international situations, and management of group security are part of its skills. Aviation, industrial and IT security and safety are complementary expertise developed during his career, in the public and private sector.

Philippe GAUTHIER, holder of a DESS in security policy management (Lyon III), attended the 191st training session of the National Academy at the FBI in Quantico (USA) in 1997, the Antilles-Guyana regional session of the IHEDN in 1998 and that of the IHNESJ in 2009.

Aymar Le Roux

Vice President Finance – Treasurer
Currently Technical Director, Safety and Security of the Monoprix group since June 2019, Aymar LE ROUX has had a career directly linked to distribution either as a project owner or as a distribution service provider.

A graduate of Neoma Business School (PGE 93), he started at Picard frozen with 12 years of store network management, from store manager to sales manager in charge of 120 stores. Then still at Picard, he took the position of Technical and Safety Director for the entire brand for 10 years.

Aymar LE ROUX subsequently took a position as sales director for 3 years at Normall, which advises all distribution on the new standards applying to store networks (accessibility, energy and waste).

Auditor of the 24th session of the National Institute of Advanced Studies of Security and Justice (INHESJ), he joined numerous professional associations such as the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD), Perifem, L’Agora des directors de security…

Nora Guillemin

General Secretary in charge of memberships
After a Master 2 in Ergonomics and Occupational Risk Management, Nora GUILLEMIN holds the position of Prevention Engineer / Ergonomist within an occupational health service in Belgium.

For 4 years she acquired the basics of her profession in various structures and fields of activity such as foundry, crafts, cosmetics or agri-food industry. Her second professional experience will be in the Renault group where for 6 years she will be in the factory (Grand-Couronne and Flins) in successive positions of Working Conditions Engineer / Environmental Manager then Working Conditions Engineer / Safety Manager.

With this experience in the industry, in 2011 she joined the General Council of Yvelines in order to create the General Resources department, which includes the security/safety service. In 2014 she joined the Humanis group, which became Malakoff – Humanis, first as Group Personal and Property Security Manager and then as Group Security Manager.

Now an independent consultant, she supports large groups as well as VSEs/SMEs.

Holder of the MBA Security Management from the Gendarmerie Officers School in 2020, she has also been a reservist in the Gendarmerie citizen defense and security reserve since that date.

The expertise acquired over the course of her career has also allowed her to be recognized as an Intervener for the Prevention of Professional Risks (IPRP) by DIRECCTE for more than 10 years.

Pascale Beauthier

Legal responsible
After a Masters in Law at Paris Sud XI (Faculty Jean Monnet – Sceaux) in 1985, then in 1986 a D.E.S.S. in business law and taxation at Paris II Assas, obtaining the C.A.P.A. in 1988 with registration at the Paris Bar,

Pascale BEAUTHIER attended the 50th national “Defense Policy” session of the Institute of Advanced National Defense Studies (I.H.E.D.N.) in 1997-1998. After a year spent at the firm WILEY, REIN & FIELDING (Washington D.C. 20006 – USA) in 1989 with the status of “associate” in the international law team, she successively joined the Parisian law firms in 1989 in 1995 VOVAN et Associés, SCP SCHAEPMAN – DE GOEYSE, then LEIBOVICI, CLAUDE & SARKOZY to create his own firm in December 1995 (

Pascale BEAUTHIER is an Officer in the Citizen Reserve of the Military Governor of Paris; Member of the National Association of the Citizen Defense and Security Reserve “ANRC” and member of the IHEDN reserve “RES-IHEDN”. She is also a Member of the Association of Palace Fighters “ACP” and Vice-President and administrator of the COBATY PARIS DOYEN Association. Finally, she joined the Operational Reserve of the National Police as a specialist with the Real Estate and Environment Directorate of the Paris Prefecture “DIE-PP”, at the rank of Commissioner.

Sylvain Tisserant

Assistant to the vice-president projects
After an eclectic university career (criminology, political science, law and international relations) completed by obtaining a 3rd cycle in Economic Intelligence Engineering, I began my professional career by completing my national service as a Gendarmerie officer.

Returning to civilian life, I worked within large social real estate groups for 10 years as regional director. Among my main missions, in addition to the management of these profit centers, institutional relations and the prevention of delinquency in our areas of operation.

I made the choice in 2011 to devote myself entirely to this last dimension, first as security manager at Immobilière 3F and then by integrating security at CNP Assurances.

Frank Zaïda

Editions Mission Manager
Franck has developed a career focused on security and defense for more than 35 years in the service of the State through 3 major government ministries. During his first career as an officer in the army, he learned command in units regularly engaged in different theaters:

Gulf War, interventions in Africa, UNPROFOR in Sarajevo.

He subsequently joined the Ministry of the Interior where he served mainly in various protection units of the national police, including the SPHP where he headed the FOR (Operational Training and Recruitment). It carries out several training or exchange missions abroad for the benefit of partner countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central America and the United States.

Seconded for 10 years within the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, he will successively be responsible for the security of agents and the rights of the central administration, before managing the technical security of the diplomatic network.

Trained in safety audit missions in France and abroad, involved in the evolution of active and passive safety systems, he is particularly involved in operational safety and maintenance issues.

After studying Geography and schooling at ESIPN, he was an auditor at CHEAM (Center for Advanced Studies on Modern Africa and Asia).

David Gaudry

Communications manager
With more than 25 years of experience in communications, as associate director then CEO of large agencies (Publicis, FCB, Leo Burnett, Cheil/SAMSUNG, etc.), as well as in the media, databases (TF1 , CONSODATA/AXCIOM…) and also events and press relations.

David GAUDRY has been able to collaborate throughout his career with numerous decision-makers on the strategic and economic issues of their brands, companies, services or products. It is particularly through its expertise in data and digital and in B2B and B2C event management that it has been confronted with Safety and Security issues since the 2000s on behalf of its clients (public services, large SME/SMI accounts, etc.).

Céline Breteau

Communications and press relations officer
With more than 20 years of experience in communications, marketing, events and press relations, Céline BRETEAU has been able to collaborate throughout her career with numerous decision-makers on the strategic and economic issues of their brands, companies, services or products.

With expertise in strategic communications, impactful marketing and influential public relations, she brilliantly orchestrates the harmony between creativity, relevance and impact.

Since 2020, Céline has launched her communications agency in Bordeaux, COMARKEVENT.

Cédrick Mormann

Data protection delegate and responsible for the security of the information system of a regional hospital group (GHT), also President of the network of delegates of GHT and CHU de France.
Cédrick, also DPO of our IEESSE association, is very attached to the values of cyber resilience and the security continuum.

Gaëlle Picard

Project Manager Influences and strategies
A woman of commitment, Gaëlle Picard-Abezis has been, since January 2019, Director of External Relations at Docaposte, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group, an expert in the digital transformation of companies and institutions, committed, in B to B, to innovation and ‘inclusion.

“Serial influencer and expert on IT subjects”, Gaëlle is in charge, cross-functionally, of the management of IT ecosystems, analysts, internal referencing and institutional partnerships…

She defends her company’s values of trust and innovation externally, a fervent ambassador of the values of digital use; through it, Docaposte participates in numerous expert interventions and expert referencing to promote the company’s professions and know-how.

For 5 years, Gaëlle’s mission has been to accelerate Docaposte’s presence in the business and IT ecosystems in Docaposte’s strategic areas.

She was on the board of directors of CINOV Numérique for 5 years and for two years on that of the Alliance à la Confiance Numérique as well as that of Cefcys.

She is today within the AFINEF office, Vice-President of the Education commission of Numeum, Co-President of the Data and Trust commission of the ACSEL as well as on the Sovereignty and Cyber Committee of the IHEDN and to the scientific committee of Confrontations Europe.

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