Why join IEESSE

Act for the job

Participate in the recognition and improvement of the profession of safety and security director is not only an individual approach, but a collective and strategic initiative. This recognition promotes the raising of professional standards, strengthens the credibility of key players and contributes to more effective and resilient overall security.

Strategic monitoring

Stay constantly informed of the latest trends, technological innovations, regulations and emerging threats in the field of security and safety through discussions and information sharing.

Expert network

Benefit from an exclusive network of experienced security and safety professionals, promoting the exchange of experiences, best practices and collaborations.

Exchange of good practices

Benefit from feedback from peers facing similar challenges, allowing you to optimize operational approaches and strengthen methodologies.

Access to renowned speakers

Attend talks led by experts, offering new and enlightening perspectives on current and future security and safety issues.

Business Networking

Create collaboration and business opportunities within the network, facilitating the development of partnerships, operational synergies and innovative projects.

Access to exclusive resources

Benefit from privileged access to exclusive resources such as research reports, case studies and relevant documents, strengthening your expertise and your ability to make informed decisions.

Strengthening professional visibility

Take advantage of the notoriety associated with membership in IEESSE, which can strengthen your professional profile and contribute to your positioning as an expert.

Participation in working groups

Offer a unique place where members can exchange ideas, share advanced knowledge, collaborate closely to produce reference documents and thus get involved in the evolution of the profession.

How to become a member?


You are aware of safety and security, you are a director, manager, head of department, of a public or private company, current or retired


Complete the membership form now to not miss the opportunity to join our dynamic network.


Please note that all applications will be subject to validation by our board of directors, thus guaranteeing the integrity and quality of our community and must be confirmed by the signature of your 2 sponsors who are already members of IEESSE and up to date with their commitments. . We thank you for your understanding and your interest in joining our network.


Once your membership has been validated, our Member Relations Officer will be happy to contact you to finalize the last details and officially welcome you to IEESSE. We look forward to having you among us!

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