The missions of IEESSE


One of the central missions of IEESSE is to support and accelerate the necessary transformation of the entire sector by bringing together all private and public stakeholders, as well as all companies aware of Safety and Security issues.

Bringing together safety and security professionals is an effective way to improve overall security by promoting collaboration, strengthening skills, facilitating coordination, and stimulating innovation. IEESSE creates a dynamic ecosystem where professionals can work together to anticipate, prevent, and respond to contemporary security challenges.

With the rapid development of new technological solutions (Artificial Intelligence, Economic Intelligence) and the emergence of new major challenges (environmental, technological or internal security threats), it is essential, today, to globally rethink Security- Security.


Tomorrow’s approach to Safety and Security and the establishment of effective organizations to support them will require collaboration and reflection. It is fundamental that all private and public actors feel involved and come together around the key issues regarding the evolution of regulations to improve, modify, or even free themselves from existing rules.

It is necessary to combine human and artificial intelligence to improve the relevance of Safety-Security solutions, but also to adapt them to new needs. The objective is to reduce threats of all kinds, ever more effectively.

IEESSE must become a constant place for exchanges, reflections, and sharing to establish in a lasting manner a point of cross-fertilization of skills at the service of all stakeholders in the profession.

Building the security and safety of tomorrow is not only a necessity, it is an investment in preserving our way of life, our fundamental values, and the stability of our society. By engaging in innovative and preventative approaches today, together we are building a safer and more resilient future for all.

To commit

An innovative approach to promote a proactive, collaborative approach and help anticipate future challenges

The same desire to move the boundaries of a profession that is too isolated demonstrates an aspiration for innovation and the creation of added value. It is a call to rethink established conventions and embrace a forward-looking mindset to positively shape the profession and respond to contemporary challenges.

The same desire to give a new dimension to the Safety and Security sector. A bold aspiration that can fundamentally transform the way we approach and understand the protection of people, assets and information.

A forward-looking approach to the profession requiring a strategic vision, an openness to new technologies, an ability to anticipate changing needs and prepare the sector for future developments.

The same taste for innovative approaches, to think differently about Safety and Security issues to anticipate, prevent and respond effectively to contemporary challenges.

To act

Revalue safety and security spending.
Today relayed to the rank of fixed costs and liabilities of accounting entries, allocated by reverse auction to the lowest bidder, the safety and security of companies must be the issue of everyone and above all be considered at their fair values. IEESSE intends to lobby to better value safety and security expenses. Spending on safety and security must be seen as an essential strategic investment to guarantee the stability, sustainability and positive reputation of a company.
Valuing humans.
Valuing people is not limited to material benefits, but extends to the creation of an environment that recognizes, respects and encourages the individual potential of each employee. By investing in employee well-being and development, an organization can create a positive and sustainable culture. Inspired by Nordic and Iberian models where the function of security agent is recognized at its fair value as a profession requiring complex analytical and thinking skills, IEESSE tends to promote their roles and positions in companies. Today poorly perceived, because poorly trained and therefore poorly recruited, the job of security agent must become professionalized.
Make businesses a force of proposition.
It is essential to move away from the regal scheme. Companies must initiate laws that move towards better practical and pragmatic consideration of the sector’s concrete issues. By encouraging collaboration and recognizing the essential role of private companies, it becomes possible to develop more agile approaches adapted to the realities of the profession. Mutual engagement between businesses and public authorities is essential to create a legislative framework while respecting fundamental rights.
Make safety and security a profession and no longer a function.
For IEESSE, the missions of security managers must be central elements of company management. They must be considered as key positions, integrated into the general strategic vision of the company so that their voices are heard and we see a change in mentality, particularly in terms of qualification. Less than a simple operational function, safety and security is becoming an essential strategic profession for the company. This helps to strengthen the company’s posture and make safety and security a recognized and respected professional field.
Rely on safety and security experts.
IEESSE will make it possible to identify the competent experts best able to intervene with the general public and the media. It is essential to be clear, precise and above all fair, when faced with any type of news or threats (urban social movements, terrorist, environmental or technological threats). Exchanging with experts in the safety and security profession is invaluable.

To transmit

IEESSE is convinced that the proactive transmission of knowledge contributes not only to increasing individual and collective resilience, but also to forging a more secure future.

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